Greek Wide - Louisville

Who are we?

Greek Wide is a ministry by Greek for Greeks. We aim to bring the Gospel to the Greek system, to build up men and women in their relationships with God, and to send them out to reach others.

Faith • Growth • Fruitfulness

That’s what defines us. That’s what makes us, well, us. Faith, in the person and work of Jesus Christ; Growth, into Him and by Him and for Him; Fruitfulness, in the good works He has prepared for us.

Where and when can you find us?

We have bi-weekly co-ed studies starting February 5th, 2019 in the DZ House at 5:30pm, and various other in-house Bible studies throughout the week.

How can you find more info or help start a Bible study?

For fraternities, contact Jon Dunn @ 502-202-5756

For sororities, contact Danielle Morgan @ 765-667-5049